Nilphamari District Information

Area 1640.91 square kilometers. Bounded by Kuchbihar district of west bengal (India) on the north, Rangpur district on the south, Lalmonirhat district on the east and Panchagarh and Dinajpur districts on the west. Profile The Nilphamari subdivision was established in 1875 and was turned into a district in 1984. The district consists of 6 upazilas,Read More

All information about Rangpur Division, Bangladesh

Under the Rangpur division (one of seven divisions) composed of eight districts of the northern Bangladesh, the District of Rangpur is bordered on the north by Nilphamari District, on the south by Gaibandha District, on the east by Kurigram, and on the west by Dinajpurdistrict. Rangpur town is the divisional headquarter. The soil composition isRead More

DNS Knowledge

What Is NXDOMAIN? by MR. DNS on MAY 14, 2010 in WHATIS What is NXDOMAIN? How does nxdomain affects my browsing? Explains the relationship between NXDOMAIN and DNS Hijacking. A DNS server is used to translate a domain name into an IP address or vise versa. For example, when you type in your webRead More

Jaldhaka Upazila Information

Jaldhaka Upazila (nilphamari district) area 303.52 sq km, located in between 25°57′ and 26°07′ north latitudes and in between 88°50′ and 89°07′ east longitudes. It is bounded by dimla upazila on the north, kishoreganj (nilphamari) upazila on the south, hatibandha and kaliganj (lalmonirhat) upazilas on the east, nilphamari sadar and domar upazilas on the west.Read More

Dhaka City Traffic Jam

      Staff reporter, Dhaka, 11 october 2016: Traffic jam is increasing in Dhaka city day by day. It has crippled life in Dhaka during the recent times. Especially in the pick hours, traffic jam becomes intolerable. With the growth of population in Dhaka city, all kinds of vehicles have increased tremendously. This isRead More

Carmichael College Rangpur

welcome to carmichel collage rangpur – 1916 Carmichael College, Rangpur is a part of heritage and history of Uttar Bongo (northern Bangladesh). It is indeed one of the oldest and best colleges in the country. No other college in the country can boast of so beautiful a campus as Carmichael College. It is situated onRead More

My Dreem Land

The name of my village is Chawrdangi Mia-Para. It is a renowned village in the district of Nilphamari. It is an old village. My village is situated on the north side of Nilphamari district. It is 4 kilometers away from the Jaldhaka thana. The village is not thickly populated. Most of them are Muslims. TheRead More


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